TTC Timeline

August 2016 CYCLE ONE: At home insemination on CD14 & CD15 = BFN

September 2016 CYCLE TWO: At home insemination on CD22 & CD23= BFN

October 2016 CYCLE THREE: At home insemination on CD19 & CD21. Used Prese.ed for the first time = BFN

November 2016 CYCLE FOUR: At home insemination on CD18, CD20 & CD21. Used Prese.ed again and used the Lunet.te Cup for the first time. = BFN

December 2016 Took the month off.

January 2017 Took the month off.

February 2017 Took the month off.

March 2017 CYCLE FIVE: At home insemination on CD20, CD22, CD23 & CD24. OPK confirmed ovulation on CD24. Used Prese.ed and the Lunet.te Cup again. Started yoga and meditation classes this cycle. Ate a piece of pineapple core each day from 1DPO-5DPO. = BFN

April 2017- Took the month off.

May 2017- Took the month off.

June 2017- CYCLE SIX: At home insemination on CD17, CD18, CD19, CD20 & CD21. First positive on OPK on CD18. Two more positives on OPK on CD19 & CD20. Used Prese.ed for three of the five donations. Used the Lunet.te Cup for all five donations. = BFP!