Our Story

T and I met for the first time in 2009 through mutual friends. At the time we were both dating other people  and never formed a close friendship but saw each other every now and then when our friendship groups would spend time together. T eventually left town for a little while but returned in 2011.

November, 2011- We reconnected and met up with friends for a game of pool. That week we saw each other every few days and quickly formed a close friendship. That weekend we went to a mutual friends 21st birthday party and were inseparable. After the 21st birthday party (which was on the Saturday night) we spent every single day together. On the Tuesday night following the party we had our very first kiss and that week we went on our very first date (to dinner and the movies- T even brought me flowers!).

December 16th, 2011- We spent the weekend away (first trip away together) with some of my friends. It was on this trip away that we made it official and became girlfriend and girlfriend.

June 16th, 2012- I asked T to marry me and she said YES! I enlisted a friends help to keep T entertained at home while I went to set the surprise up (T thought I was picking up a present as it was our 6 month anniversary). I booked a room at a nice hotel and was upgraded to the president suite! I sprinkled rose petals from the front door to the bed and put them in the shape of a heart on the bed with the ring box in the middle. I also had candles everywhere and Moet champagne on ice. Our friend dropped T off at the hotel and as soon as she walked in and saw the rose petals she knew what was about to happen. I read her something I had prepared and got down and asked her to marry me.

October 12th, 2013- After over a year of planning we got married in a lovely destination wedding. It was a such a beautiful wedding and we felt so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by our very supportive friends and family. After our wedding we spent our honeymoon on a 12 night cruise.

October 4th, 2014- We became foster parents for the first time. During the 3 years as foster parents we have welcomed 6 little souls into our lives and currently have 1 in our care now.

August, 2016- We started TTC for the first time. This was our first cycle doing at home insemination’s with a known sperm donor.

July, 2017- First BFP after six cycles of at home insemination’s.

January 19th, 2018- We legally married in a quick ceremony at our local marriage registry office with E’s mum, two sisters and our foster daughter in attendance.

This is our story so far- We still have a long way to go!