A birth story

This post is definitely three weeks late but better late then never right?

As I write this is it currently 4am and I am up feeding my son, Alexander, who was born on the 29th of March at 1:25am. He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 52cms long.

I ended up being induced again with the process starting on Tuesday the 27th but he was born at exactly 41 weeks a couple of days later.

As you know the week before I had a failed induction with the cervidil tape well this time on the Tuesday (27th) I was admitted to the maternity ward to begin a second induction but this time with a balloon catheter. The balloon catheter stayed in all night and managed to dilate me enough to have my waters broken on the Wednesday (28th) morning at 730am. Unfortunately there was meconium in the waters but bubs heart rate was stable and stayed that way for awhile.

I was then put on an oxytocin drip and was in active and painful labour by 11am. Induction is painful; you go from 0 to 100 real quick with no slow build up!

I managed to use the gas and a warm bath for pain relief for the first 5 hours but decided to take the morphine I was offered at the 5 hour mark. However, unfortunately the morphine effects only lasted an hour. At 6 hours in I was 4cms dilated and was experiencing painful contractions on top of each other but slow dilation so I then opted for an epidural. But the epidural didn’t work at all! It made me numb all down my left side but I could still feel every painful contraction on my right side! At 10pm (10 hours after the first dose) I had a second dose of the epidural medication. And again nothing! It didn’t work. It turns out I am one of those people that epidurals just don’t work for. My contractions were still extremely painful and on top of each other. The doctor checked my cervix again at midnight and after 16 hours of labour I was ONLY 6cms dilated!! I couldn’t believe it because I was actually feeling a lot of pressure below and the sensation to push. The doctor told me not to push at all or else I would do a lot of damage to myself.

By this stage I wasn’t coping and both mine and bubs heart rate got way too high so an emergency csection was called and I was whisked to the operating theatre. Because the two epidurals didn’t work I had to have a spinal block which I hated. I had absolutely no pain relief and I swear it took them half an hour to get it in. I remember my midwife holding my hands telling me it will be over soon and I will see my baby soon but I was just begging them to do it. My Mum who was waiting outside said she could hear me crying and screaming in pain.

Because they weren’t sure if the spinal block would work they started the process of cutting me open before T came in to make sure everything was as it should be. But they didn’t tell T that they had already begun and when she came in she saw puddles of blood on the floor and me open on the operating table and it totally freaked her out and upset her as she didn’t want to see any of that.

It was such a crazy experience to have the csection but I think it was the best decision as during it both bubs and I got high temperatures. The csection feels like you are a handbag and someone is rummaging around inside you for their lost keys haha! You don’t feel any pain but you can definitely feel pressure and tugging.

Before they begun the doctor told me that when she pulled Alexander out that she would hold him up and show me. But when she got him out he had gunk and goo in his mouth and the paediatrician whisked him to the the crib across the room to get it out and help him breathe. Except no one told me this and no one told me what was going on. Then T got called over to the crib and I was left on the table for ten minutes asking why I hadn’t seen my baby yet and no one was answering.

Luckily by this stage I could hear Alexander crying but I wanted to see him. Turns out T got called over to cut the cord and Alexander was fine but it was still horrible for me to lie on the table with no one telling me what was going on.

T then bought Alexander over to me and she held him next to my face and I got to kiss him and talk to him. It was amazing to meet my son for the first time.

The midwife and paediatrician then took T and Alexander out to the recovery room and told me that they would see me very soon there. It felt like hours (in reality about 30 mins) while the doctors finished up on me and I was wheeled to recovery. But as I was being wheeled in T informed me that they needed to whisk Alexander up to the special care nursery because of his high temperature which meant that I wouldn’t be able to see him in recovery. I was so upset but told them to go as it was best for my son. I then ended up being in recovery longer than normal as I had some bleeding.

I was finally taken back to my room on the maternity ward two hours after Alexander was born. And the best part was that Alexander had responded to treatment and was able to be brought into my room where I breast fed him and had cuddles. He was still under the special care nursery team but he was able to stay with us in our room for the duration of our stay in hospital.

We ended up staying a whole week in hospital before we were discharged and able to come home. What an experience labour and the csection were! Totally not how I had planned or expected it to go but in the end my baby was safe and healthy and I am recovering well so what more could I ask for?

If you have read to the end than thank you as I know it was a long post but I wanted to share our birth story with you all who have been following since the beginning 😊


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