Baby Shower

Our nursery rhyme themed baby shower was held over the weekend. It was so much fun and baby got very spoiled.

My sister and I spent weeks planning this. It was an afternoon tea and we also included a few fun games- baby charades, match the baby with their celebrity parents, and finish the nursery rhyme.

We also had a craft night a few days before to get everything made, such as these thank you cards for our favours:

We then attached them to a clear bag which had either a blue or green macaron in it and two tea bags:

Our next project was to cut out gold shiny stars and hang them in the door way so you entered through the nursery rhyme “Twinkle twinkle little star.”:


We wanted some fun activities for our guests to enjoy so I went and bought a pack of colourful sharpies and white bibs so the guests could decorate them. I then also cut out and laminated some stencils to use on the bibs:

Another activity for the guests were advice cards for the new parents:

For the table centrepiece I found some cheap picture frames to match our blue and green colour scheme and my sister printed off vintage looking nursery rhymes to go inside. She also found two soft toys to match each nursery rhyme and some colourful flowers:

Next up she had some nursery rhyme cupcakes made which were also presented in the table:

Here is a photo of our table in progress before everything was sorted out properly:

Because this was an afternoon tea my sister and I had spent weeks beforehand searching through second hand shops for mismatched tea pots, tea cups, milk jugs, sugar holders, tea spoons and even sugar tongs. We thought it looked great! “Miss Polly put your kettle on” tea:

The food was delicious and all prepared by both my sisters and my mum. My sister got little blackboards so she could label all the food with nursery rhymes.

“How does your garden grow”:

“Humpty Dumpty”:

“Three blind mice”:

“The dish ran away with the spoon”:

I also put four of these together in our colour scheme for the winners of our baby shower games:


It was such a great afternoon. The only downside- T was very sick and couldn’t come 😦 but she is feeling much better now.

And a 32 week ( I am 33 weeks today) bump shot to end the post! But please mind the clothes on the bed behind me lol!