Another BFN

Unfortunately we are out for the month. Like perfect clockwork my period arrived today. I woke up yesterday morning and knew instantly it was on it way. My breasts become tender as soon as I ovulate and it’s a sure way that I can tell I’ve ovulated. But 1-2 days before I get my period the tenderness completely goes away. Which was the first thing I noticed yesterday morning when I woke up.

I am really feeling this BFN this cycle. I feel completely down and have been in a bad mood all day. Snapping at everyone over the littlest things. I just really thought this was it, this was our month. And now that’s it for the year. Our donor goes away next week until January next year. And I ovulate mid January so cycle 5 is 8weeks away. I think it may go by quick as during that time we have our foster child’s 4th birthday, one of our anniversaries, Christmas, New Years, and Ts 30th (which a lot of family and friends from interstate are coming for). But even with all that I still feel deflated. I think I just need 24 hours and then I will be ok.

On Wednesday I have an appointment with my doctor to discuss fertility. I just want to make sure I am releasing an egg and as healthy as can be. I know we have only tried 4 times but for my mental health I would like to know everything is in working order.

For now that is all. I don’t know how much I will write over the next 8 weeks while we wait for the next cycle but I will try to at least write something.

Until next time.



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