Cycle 4 & a Supermoon…

We are currently in cycle 4- 3 inseminations down with 1 more to go.

I am feeling really positive about this cycle, actually more positive then I have been throughout this whole process.

We have changed things up, tried new and different things.

Whats different about this cycle:

  • I started using pre seed.
  • I have been using a Lunette (Moon, Diva, etc) cup 20 mins after insemination.
  • I have been trying to stress less so have been doing meditation each day.
  • I am really focusing on and envisioning ourselves with a little baby.
  • I am seeing babies and pregnant women EVERYWHERE.
  • One of our inseminations was on the Supermoon night which I believe to be a good sign!
  • We will be doing more inseminations then usual.
  • We started inseminating earlier than normal.

I really hope that all these different things/ changes help me conceive this month. I would love to be able to tell my mum that I am having her first grandchild on Christmas Day. What a wonderful present it would be.

Well I am off to focus on conception. We have one more insemination to go and then we are done for this cycle.

Fingers and toes crossed!




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