Time to try again…

Today I am 40+4.

I just had the follow up appointment with my midwife after my failed induction last week.

The baby hasn’t come naturally but I did get a couple of semi-painful contractions the other night that completely disappeared after 30mins. Also my blood sugar levels have been great which my diabetic educator informed me generally happens this late in pregnancy and is a good sign of my body getting ready to give birth.

I have been trying EVERYTHING to go into spontaneous labour. I have even been bathing in Clary Sage oil every night and rubbing it on my pressure points. It hasn’t put me into labour but it has massively increased my colostrum. Yesterday I was able to hand express 15mls!

So the plan moving forward:

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday 27th) I will be admitted on to the maternity ward where I will again have the Cervidil tape inserted. I will then spend the day and evening on the maternity ward.

Early Wednesday morning (28th) they will take me to the birth suite. And if the Cervidil tape actually works this time and my body does what it is meant to the midwife will break my waters and start the induction process.

Fingers crossed!

I will try give another update when I am bored tomorrow hanging out in my room on the maternity ward. Otherwise my next post will hopefully be a birth announcement.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!


A failed induction…

It has been awhile since I posted on here. I went on maternity leave at 35 weeks nearly 36 and have been so busy preparing the house and getting things in order for the baby’s arrival. Originally I was going to work longer but I was exhausted and really needed those few weeks at home.

Currently I am 40+2 and every morning when I wake up STILL pregnant I get quite upset. Because I had a failed induction. Here is the story:

On Wednesday the 21st of March I went into the hospital and had the Cervidil tape inserted at 945am. All was good and I was admitted on to the ward. I had a lot of tightening but no pain- I actually still don’t know what a contraction feels like!

I stayed Wednesday night and was woken at 6am Thursday to go over to the birthing suite to begin the induction process.

The cervidil tape was still in so the midwife removed it and was going to break my waters but did a check first. My cervix was soft but I had NOT dilated at all!!! I was so so so so upset.

Two of the doctors came to see me- my Endo for Gestational Diabetes and the OBGYN. They felt the baby and noted he is posterior and 2/5 engaged. They said that although I have gestational diabetes I am diet and medication controlled (no insulin) and they think the baby only weighs 3.8kgs.

They gave me two options-

1. Wait until the afternoon and have the balloon catheter put in but they said this will be difficult as I am not dilated at all but also I have a more than normal posterior cervix too. They said I will feel some pain as I actually find cervix checks painful which they think is due to my posterior cervix.


2. Go home and see if I naturally go into labour over the next few days. And if not reassess on Monday.

So I chose to go home. I would have done the balloon but cervix checks are painful for me and I just didn’t want to go through it. I also felt that maybe my baby and body just aren’t ready. I am very upset and disappointed in myself 😞

That was two days ago and no sign of labour. I have walked and walked and walked. Bounced on the Swiss ball, driven over bumpy roads, ate spicy food… you name it and I have done it!

Hopefully my next update will be a birth announcement!

Until then you will find me on my Swiss ball…

Baby Shower

Our nursery rhyme themed baby shower was held over the weekend. It was so much fun and baby got very spoiled.

My sister and I spent weeks planning this. It was an afternoon tea and we also included a few fun games- baby charades, match the baby with their celebrity parents, and finish the nursery rhyme.

We also had a craft night a few days before to get everything made, such as these thank you cards for our favours:

We then attached them to a clear bag which had either a blue or green macaron in it and two tea bags:

Our next project was to cut out gold shiny stars and hang them in the door way so you entered through the nursery rhyme “Twinkle twinkle little star.”:


We wanted some fun activities for our guests to enjoy so I went and bought a pack of colourful sharpies and white bibs so the guests could decorate them. I then also cut out and laminated some stencils to use on the bibs:

Another activity for the guests were advice cards for the new parents:

For the table centrepiece I found some cheap picture frames to match our blue and green colour scheme and my sister printed off vintage looking nursery rhymes to go inside. She also found two soft toys to match each nursery rhyme and some colourful flowers:

Next up she had some nursery rhyme cupcakes made which were also presented in the table:

Here is a photo of our table in progress before everything was sorted out properly:

Because this was an afternoon tea my sister and I had spent weeks beforehand searching through second hand shops for mismatched tea pots, tea cups, milk jugs, sugar holders, tea spoons and even sugar tongs. We thought it looked great! “Miss Polly put your kettle on” tea:

The food was delicious and all prepared by both my sisters and my mum. My sister got little blackboards so she could label all the food with nursery rhymes.

“How does your garden grow”:

“Humpty Dumpty”:

“Three blind mice”:

“The dish ran away with the spoon”:

I also put four of these together in our colour scheme for the winners of our baby shower games:


It was such a great afternoon. The only downside- T was very sick and couldn’t come 😦 but she is feeling much better now.

And a 32 week ( I am 33 weeks today) bump shot to end the post! But please mind the clothes on the bed behind me lol!


Growth scan

We had our first growth scan for the gestational diabetes the other day.

Little mister is measuring 2.5 weeks ahead in his stomach and his head is measuring 1.5 weeks ahead. The scans will be sent to my doctor who I have an appointment with next week so don’t really know the plan moving forward yet. Although I think I will be put on insulin. At the moment I am diet controlled with one Metformin tablet a day but as my pregnancy progresses my numbers seem to be getting higher and my fasting sugars (the finger prick I do as soon as  I wake up) is never under what it is suppose to be. Fasting numbers are the hardest to control as they are based on your hormones.

But maybe the only positive in having gestational diabetes is the extra growth scans and getting to see our little boy. He has grown so much in the last 10+ weeks that he doesn’t even fit on the screen! Here are some pictures from the scan the other day. The first has to be my favourite, I mean look at those lips! ❤ ❤ ❤


30 weeks pregnant


This was the last ultrasound scan we have had. I was 19 weeks pregnant at the time and yes the cutie is sucking his thumb.

I honestly thought I would be better at keeping this blog updated than what I have been!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe it! Sometimes I feel like the time has gone fast and other times I feel like it has gone really slow.

So let’s see what has happened…

  • I had really bad everyday morning sickness to about 24 weeks and still now feel nauseous every so often.
  • At 29 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Although at first I was devastated I realised that there was nothing I could do and I have made all the right changes now. I am actually eating the healthiest I have this whole pregnancy! Although missing out on all those yummy pregnancy cravings is hard, it will all be worth it in the end.
  • Our foster daughter who left our care a few months back has come back into our care permanently! We are so over joyed and feel like everything is perfect.
  • Same sex marriage was legalised in Australia so T and I are being legally married in a small ceremony with just my mum and sisters there next week. We have done the whole big wedding thing so this is more of a formality for us and we wanted to do it before the baby is born.
  • We have everything for the nursery now we just need to set it up!

I go on maternity leave on the 1st of March and am counting down the days! 7 weeks and 1 day left and then I am at home for 12 months!

Our baby shower is on the 28th of January. My sister is organising it and it is going to be nursery rhyme themed with blue and green as the colours. I will definitely post pictures here afterwards.

The baby is super active and moves all day. I can also feel his hiccups. T felt him kick for the first time at 25 weeks. He also responds to sound and kicks up a storm when I put on classical music for him. I want to get my hospital bag packed and ready to go over the next couple of weeks. I don’t have any kind of birth plan except for 4 things I absolutely want-

  1. I want to try and birth naturally for as long as possible. but if i can’t handle it than I am open to pain relief and an epidural. I don’t want to put pressure on myself thinking “I have to do this with no pain relief or I’m not really a strong woman.” That will only stress me out further. I want to go into this as relaxed as I can be because I am already experiencing some fear and anxiety towards labour and birth. I have never experienced it so it is a little scary for me.
  2. I only want to tell my mum, sister’s and T’s mum and sister’s that I am in labour and then that I have had the baby. I don’t want friends interrupting us with messages and phone calls and just showing up at the hospital. T and I will decide when we will share the news afterwards and I will let her know when I am ready for visitors.
  3. The baby is to be placed straight on my chest for skin-to-skin.
  4. T is going to cut the cord but only after the cord has stopped pulsing.

Other than those things I guess I just want to play it by ear and be in the moment (as much as is possible while labouring lol).

Here is my belly at 30 weeks:


I am carrying quite low so I guess the old wives tale is true- boys carry low and girls high.

He is also head down now so let’s hope he stays that way. I feel his hiccups low and he often kicks my ribs which isn’t fun lol.

Well there isn’t much left to say so until next time,

E xo

Thank you Australia!

61.6% (7, 817, 247 people) of Australians voted YES! on the question ‘Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’ 

It was a resounding YES! in all states and territories around Australia.

I am so so so happy that the majority of Australians believe in equality for all.

There is still some way to go to make this legal but today we celebrate!